Happy New Years!

BDC96754-848C-43C9-8410-AC02950CB830Here I wish you all a Happy New Years!

May 2018 be fruitful.  May all your dreams, the ones you’ve been working so diligently on, may the blood sweat and tears bare results.  May all the seeds you planted in 2017 begin to sprout!

2017 brought many lessons, many trials, many hard times.  May you learn from those and shine in 2018!

To all my author friends (known, semi-known, and unkown) May your sales increase and you fan base grow.  Hopefully onto the big and small screens.

To everyone keep working, keep hustling, keep pounding, it will pay off.  Keep dreaming, keep praying, keep imagining, then return to the hard work!

To the best for us all in 2018!

Happy New Years!


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