Derrick Anthony Marrow is a writer and author from Philadelphia, Pa. His catalog currently has three books with more in the works both sequels and new material.

Currently there is a middle grade fiction novel with sci-fi elements. A great story your children (and you) will love. A book of poetry. And a Young Adult/Supernatural/Fantasy Novel.

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Xavier Max Kennedy and The Beginnings Team Nightshade now available

Middle Grade Fiction – XMK is the story of a young kid about to enter high school in a technologically advanced future.  This is a story of a kid who has been given ‘powers’ upon the death of his parents and the story of the team he puts together to deal with an unknown threat.


Heaven’s Raign: Lineage is now available. 

Young Adult – The story of a young woman who is half-angel half-human and she has to deal with and cope with the factors of her creation as well as how she lives an everyday life.  This is the story of a young woman who wants to find love but can’t.  This is the story of her her destiny as she writes it with the help of her earthly parents and mismatch crew as they take on the plot of the son of Lucifer to take over both Heaven and Earth.


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He has also published a book of poetry that can be purchased on Amazon:

More Than Simple Words: Reality vs Love

Poetry to make you think



Part Two’s to both Heaven’s Raign and Xavier Max Kennedy as well as an untitled Modern Day Space Epic (think Star Wars with Star Trek type social themes).